Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Homecoming Queen

I don't have any words of great inspiration, or wit, or humor. I'm not all that creative, or original, or deep. Other than stating the obvious, anything remotely profound escapes me tonight. THAT is why I follow Life in Grace. I dabble in blogging because I've been inspired by people like Edie. Edie is creative, inspirational, clever, profound, easy, humble, living life to the fullest, enjoying each day's unique gifts, and each moment in each day. She is full of joy and laughter and love. She lives! I feel weird that I know her so well through her blog, though she doesn't know me. Not that she hasn't extended herself to me. She has. Once she sent me an email in response to a comment I left on her blog and I was so thrilled to get it. A tiny gesture, but it meant so much - - someone so busy, so highly regarded, so solicited and yet she emailed ME? This will be a terrible analogy and, knowing Edie the way I do, I know she'll dislike it, but it was like in high school, when the Homecoming Queen passes you in the hallway and actually knows your name and says hi and then you realize that is WHY she is the Homecoming Queen because she is sweet and kind and beautiful, and she really is FULL OF SUBSTANCE. Oh yeah, and she dates the cutest guy!. (Pretend picture of Edie and hubby inserted here.)

All the things that have been written about her are true. One just knows it. And, I'm a better person for having found her blog because through her I've learned so much about life, about love, about giving, about Jesus, and about living in grace. In spite of this tragedy, I'm sure Edie is aware God's great plan is taking shape. He has a plan. It may not be our plan, but we will discover it's a better plan. I hope, through all the love and prayers flowing back to Edie, she is able to see what a solid impact she has had on so many people, known and unknown, and begin to recognize God's plan, even now.

I know through it all she'll keep calling the girls in the hall by name and I know the girls in the hall will be forever grateful. I also know she will give entirely new meaning to the words "Homecoming Queen" as she moves through this tragedy toward home.

Linking to Edie's blog, Life in Grace, where her friends are surprising her with a birthday party. Happy Birthday Edie.
life in grace


  1. I found your post through Edie's birthday blogpost and smiled the whole time reading. What a wonderful analogy - she is what a homecoming queen should be! Thank you for sharing that. It reminds me that we should treat everyone with kindness, always!

  2. i feel exactly the same way about Edie.. what a sweetheart, whan an inspiration to women! I thank God for women like Edie! and you... come see me anytime!! happy new year dear!!


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