Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garden Metamorphosis

Last winter it was hard to imagine the garden would EVER return to a warm place bursting with bright, cheery flowers, playing host to slow, easy moments. But God keeps his promises and everything is born anew. He also knew that by giving us winter, spring is so much more pleasant! Below are the images from my winter garden post - - though I find even this barren landscape to be brimming with beauty. . .

As the months have passed, the peacefulness of winter melted into the renewal of spring . . .

And the renewal of spring gave way to the flip flops of summer . . .

Behind the small vegetable garden, a glimpse of a future Met Monday post - - the potting shed currently under construction.

Let's see that metamorphosis one more time.
From this

to this

From this

to this

From this

to this

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Monday, June 21, 2010

My Five Favorites a/k/a Presentation Aids

Okay girls, gotta admit I'd NEVER go away for the weekend with only five products. Otherwise, I'm sure I'd be mistaken for someone who needs medical attention. But, to facilitate the baseline - - I-am-breathing-and-not-in-need-of-intervention - - look to greet the rest of humanity (even my cat appreciates it), below are the five products I could not exist without. For the record, I am also very cheap frugal. As I always say, there is no status in overpaying; stupidity maybe, but no status. So, I've found things that work and I stick with them. Believe me I've tried the department store brands and maybe there are new things out there that could transform my aging face, but my regimen seems to be working - - I even get the occasional "your skin looks so young" comment. Though the ultimate compliment "may I see your i.d.?" hasn't been tossed my direction in months years. Nonetheless, I'm happy with the following and even more happy that I'm not overpaying for things I use every day and can save my pennies to really indulge in the occasional girlfriend pampering weekend - - pedicures, massages, spa treatements, lots of wine . . . . ahhhh, I'm going to my happy place.

Available at all fine retailers (Wal-mart), this little Rimmel eyebrow pencil can double as an eyeliner in a pinch and the brush on the end helps soften things up. Without my eyes on I might as well give it up. If I could only make up one feature, it would be my eyes and I can get a lot of mileage out of this product for about $7.

I've never had naturally good hair. It's fine, limp and fuzzy if no product is applied. Suave's gel is inexpensive and let's me tell my hair where to go. It's not the only product I use on a daily basis but complying with the challenge here, it would be the one to go with if I could only pack five.

A razor, any brand. Those of you of also of Italian descent know what I mean - - a day without a razor would mean stay away from anything Velcro.

Oil of Olay Daily Beauty Fluid SPF 15 or the Wal-mart Equate version. Either are perfect for slathering all over face and neck before putting on foundation. At night I use a thicker version without the SPF, but when traveling one bottle is great for twice a day and at the low price of about $5.97 for the Equate bottle, I can use it as a sunscreen on my shoulders, arms and hands when I feel like I need a little extra protection (daily).

And finally, my own personal fountain of youth. I've used the Buf Puf since a dermatologist recommended it for deeper cleaning in my teenage years (decades ago). I use it twice a day every day without fail. I'm one of those who cannot, under any circumstances, sleep in make-up. Just can't do it. The Buf Puf is my wash cloth and it provides a gentle exfoliation every day. I am convinced it is the reason I get so many compliments on my skin (cause it's not genetic - -no offense to the gene donors on either side). I've never used expensive cleansers, exfoliators, masks, etc., just a Buf Puf and Dove soap (switched to Dove in my late 30s from Safeguard the dermatologist recommended for teenage skin). I've read that the reason men have smoother face skin than women as they age is because of the constant exfoliation from shaving. If that is true, it makes sense that a daily Buf Puf could provide the same results. In any event, I now order these little guys (about $4) in bulk from Amazon since my three tweens are starting to pay attention to skin care and because I'm constantly worried they are going to stop making them. I keep one in the shower and one in my travel soap dish which travels, but also lives under the sink so they are both within reach morning and night.

There you have it. Hope you try at least the Buf Puf!

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