Sunday, November 7, 2010

Please Cuddl Duds

Cuddl Duds make life lovely! and cozy, snuggly, warm, luxurious, and sweet. It's like excessive indulgence in softness. I'm grateful. I am. In fact, Cuddl Duds, I love ya,

can't live without ya, but . . .

can you do low-rise . . .

This is embarrassing.

October through March I work in them, play in them, and sleep in them. They're the greatest thing since online shopping, which coincidentially, you can do in Cuddl Duds - just try that at the mall. But, as fabulous as they are, occasionally hipsters would be even better. If you agree, go to Cuddl Duds Facebook page and post a comment.

Please Cuddl Duds, think about it. Life could be lovelier :)

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  1. I love it...those look great...but I live in California...and its like 80 all year..boooo...I would love a white winter

  2. Uh...where did you get those?

    Found you on Blessed Little Nest

  3. I've seen these at a store called Bergner's here in northern Illinois...always thought they looked like they'd feel wonderful! Now I have a positive review! :)

  4. hehe, you are too funny! low cut ones would be lovely :)

  5. Hi Angela, I just read your comment about your beautiful Blue Willow china for Thanksgiving. How wonderful to have inherited such beautiful pieces and the sentiment behind them is even more lovely. They really did look amazing on the black tablecloth. I love unusual or unexpected uses for tablesettings. Thanks so much for sharing and stopping by! Kathysue

  6. Ha, love this. I love them too, and I too look just like that when I wear mine. You would think they would be up with the trends....that, or they are very concerned about keeping our belly buttons warm ; ). Cute post.


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