Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nutcracker Mantel

This year my daughter asked me if she could use her Nutcracker collection to decorate in the family room. She said it was "outgrowing" her bedroom.

It appears I have an 11-year old interior-decorator-in- training.

Technically, the next three pictures are not of the mantel, but I thought they were picture-worthy anyway.

The latest addition to the collection . . .

Merry Christmas.

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  1. Hi Angela, your nutcracker collection looks adorable on your mantel. I just bought one today for m FIL, a fisherman cute!

  2. What an awesome collection you have here...your mantel looks outstanding!


    I’m hosting an Christmas Open House on 12/9…would love to have you come by and join in on the fun!

  3. This is so pretty ... what a wonderful collection! I also did a nutcracker themed mantel ... love them. *Becca*

  4. Hi Angela, I just read your sweet comment on my wrapping post!! I know what you mean. WE use to wrap santa's gift in brown paper or kraft paper and all other gifts in decorative papers. WE would take all the gifts out from under the tree and put them in 3 piles, one for each boy and then their sock leaned up against the pile so things looked differently to them in the morning after Santa had rearranged the gifts!! Too fun. Love sweet memories. My sons are all in their 30s now and when they are here spending the night they will still get up in the middle of the night and open their sock and go back to bed. Some things never change,
    Thanks for the visit and Merry Christmas to YOU and yours,

  5. Wow! That's quite a collection! My kids, my son especially, love the few nutcrackers we have. There's just somethings about them that's fun!

  6. Wow, she has a nice collection and they are beautifully displayed!! Thanks so much for stopping by, I'm glad to find your blog!!

  7. I love your fabulous collection of Nutcrackers! I would have to keep them up all year!
    I have a few... My daughter was a ballerina and danced in the Nutcracker for years. So nutcrackers are near and dear to my heart!

  8. I came over from Yvonne's and have to say I, too love your Nutcracker collection! AND, your daughter is quite the decorator in training! I am a floral designer so I see her talent!!!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! XO, Pinky

  9. Look at you! Instead of Santa's, you have a wonderful collection of nutcrackers! When I was a kid, they scared me- I guess that is why I don't own a single one! Thanks for coming by to look at my little Santa collection. Merry Christmas to you and thanks for following! ~ Sue


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