Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As summer fades to fall and fall approaches winter,
I want to enjoy the gifts of the garden
one final time.

A rescued beauty.  I call her Louise.

Louise and her beloved, Charlie.  Also a rescue.

Clematis Jackmanii rambling up the arbor
Charlie framing pink peony.
Easter morning

A summer bed


My favorite garden ornament

Heat seekers

A rose from my daughter.  "Peace" (I think)

Woodland garden

Kitty love

Lovely lupines


A gifted iris

The spring garden

The summer garden

The sanctuary
Early mornings with God
Fall's bounty

Pumpkin time.


  1. I seem to appreciate the gifts of the garden more in the fall, since I know I won't be seeing them thru the long cold winter.And really my roses look better now-they suffered in our summer heat and drought.

  2. Your foundling Louise is a lovely thing! I have a few ideas about her potential identity ... modern hybrid tea, for certain ... perhaps one of the popular ones like Mr. Lincoln or Chryler Imperial? Those were planted by the millions in gardens in the 50s and 60s. Hard to tell from what I see here, but it may be a start for you.


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