Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rolling out the Green Carpet!

I'm Irish at heart on St. Patrick's day, but I can't lie; to me this is better than finding a four-leaf clover!

It's practically a pot of gold.

My spirit is renewed.

May the luck of the Irish be with ye.


  1. I know, its so excitin. excpet, we just got snow here in Oklahoma!! UGH. But, next week, hopefully back in the 60's!! Love your blog, super cute!! xoxo LA

  2. The first signs of spring are always so exciting. I planted over 300 bulbs last fall and would check everyday to see if there was sign of spring. I enjoyed my bulbs for 2 days before the deer ate everyone of them down to the ground! Boy, was I upset! Next year I will plant them in pots on my covered porch.

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean. In my former house I planted 800 and was on my stomach every spring watching for the little red nubs to push through the earth. I monitored their progress nearly daily. At my new home I planted about 100 the first fall with plans to plant hundreds more. Same routine the next spring (neighbors think I'm crazy either on my stomach or with my bottom in the air as I look for the first signs of spring). It took the deer one night to munch them all. Who knew? I couldn't believe they'd keep eating them so I tried again the next fall. Oh yeah. They're gone. Now I rely on daffodils and hyacinth for spring color. I do try to hide a few behind rose bushes and in corners they haven't found with some success. I can't do patio containers either because the deer help themselves to my patio plantings as well. It's a challenge many gardeners have. I try to remember they were here first and just plant deer-resistant flowers now. Vegetable gardening is much harder, though. Keep the gardening spirit and enjoy your contaniers of tulips.

  4. I bet the bulbs are really up now! Arn't they welcomed harbinger's of spring!!! Love them. The bad part is that they don't last very long.
    Angela, I saw your paint post. Oh, you don't know how I love this and how helpful it was. I also have a white painted kitchen. I am doing a little freshening up in May- I am keeping my cabinets white and changing the counter tops. I was thinking of black soapstone. And I see your gorgeous black counters with your fabulous white cabinets. Oh, now I am sold.I also am wild about your chan chandelier!!!!! Your kitchen is just the look I want. I'll share pictures with you when it is done. Thanks for the inspiration and help!

  5. I so agree, nothing is better than seeing the flowers and grass come back to life after a long winter:>)


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